I'm Chrissie.

Get to know me a little...

Born and raised in Laval, QC, I grew up as the second oldest sibling of a large family. Helping raise my younger brothers, my love of children began early. I fell in love with art at a young age and founded the Art Collective at my high school. Fast forward to when I spent time living in BC, working at a children's art supply store. There I was tasked with product photography, which sparked my journey into the field. I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2011 and have been photographing families ever since.


Fact 1

I am the weirdo that keeps my keyboard set to French Canadian.


Fact 2

While living in British Columbia I fell in love with nature photography. Almost every week you'd find me out on a drive in nature taking photos.


Fact 3

I love comic books and video games.


Fact 4

Im a basic girl. I like to travel, see new things and make memories. lets all pile in the car and take a road trip!